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Our Mission

Compass Reg is building a regulatory and compliance platform for the ag industry

We help agriculture companies — starting with crop input developers and retailers — easily track and execute their regulatory work, letting them bring new products to market faster while reducing the risk of costly errors.

We have decades of experience at the intersection of agriculture, regulatory compliance, and technology

Leadership team

A photo of Ben Harms

Ben Harms

Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Ben has spent his career building agriculture and technology businesses. Prior to founding Compass Reg, Ben was the Chief Strategy Officer at Farmers Business Network®, where he started and ran multiple commercial business lines and led corporate development and partnerships. He has also launched new companies, markets, and products at The Production Board (venture builder/investor in Food/AgTech) and One Acre Fund (ag. retailer operating across Sub-Saharan Africa). Ben graduated with honors from Princeton University, and received an MBA from the Wharton School.

A photo of Matt Meisner

Matt Meisner

Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Matt’s career has focused on building technology to improve efficiency in the ag industry. Matt’s excitement about agriculture began while growing up in Wisconsin, working on an agricultural research farm at UW-Madison. His PhD research at UC-Davis focused on helping farmers optimize agronomic decisions by leveraging large on-farm datasets and data science. Matt was on the founding team of Farmers Business Network in 2014, where he led the company’s data and R&D teams, evaluating new ag technologies with a focus on real-world, on-farm field trials.

A photo of Graham Jeffries

Graham Jeffries

Head of Engineering and Data Science

Graham’s passion is building technology to improve food and agriculture systems. After completing his PhD research at Tufts University on satellite remote sensing of farming systems, he joined the founding team at Frontier Farmland, a data-driven farmland investment and management company (acquired by Farmers Business Network in 2021). He led research teams enabling fintech and applied AI products at Farmers Business Network and Atlas AI prior to joining Compass Reg. 

A photo of Tammy Zimmer

Tammy Zimmer

Director of Regulatory

Tammy has extensive experience in Regulatory Affairs, developing and executing regulatory strategies for agricultural inputs across various stages of development. She began her regulatory career with AgraQuest, followed by pivotal roles at Bayer®, Joyn Bio and Ginkgo Bioworks. Driven by her passion for advancing agricultural innovation, Tammy remains at the forefront of regulatory developments, continuously adapting strategies to meet evolving regulatory requirements.


A photo of Eric Carnell

Eric Carnell

Legal and Regulatory

Eric has been representing innovative companies and entrepreneurs for over 25 years, especially in the agriculture and automotive sectors. Eric was chief legal officer at Farmers Business Network and held multiple operational roles there over nine years. He also led legal at VoloAgri (now Axia Vegetable) — a leading vegetable seed company, Next Autoworks — an automotive start-up, and Loudeye (Nasdaq: LOUD) — a digital music platform. Before going in-house, Eric practiced at Cooley and Orrick. Eric teaches at University of Washington (UW) Law School, has a JD from Cornell, and BA from UW. Eric is admitted in Washington and California.

Sophie Gaillardon


Sophie has widespread regulatory experience in the Ag Industry spanning crop protection, adjuvants, fertilizers and biostimulants. She holds a PhD in organic chemistry from the University of Oxford. Sophie started her career within Syngeta's® research lab, then rapidly joined their global regulatory team. After moving to the USA, she managed global portfolios at Cytozyme™, built the regulatory team and associated processes at Farmer's Business Network and currently leads the North America Regulatory team at Nutrien®.


Compass Reg

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